What Is the Procedure for Manufacture Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors?

In the last few years, air compressors, especially variable-speed air compressors, are playing a significant role in the production of compressed air. This compressed air produced using different technology measures, is then utilized for several purposes. Therefore now we see air compressors having industrial as well as non-commercial applications all over the world.

Most of the equipment used by us contains compressed air that is produced using an air compressor. It is not only used at gas stations but also has a lot of applications at home, in business, and in industries. A variable speed rotary screw compressor manufacturing procedure is going to mention below:

Manufacturing Procedure of Air Compressor

Everyone is now fully aware of the fact that air compressors have taken a very respectful position in the market. They are now considered the most beneficial technology that made it possible for a person to make his work more trouble-free.

If you want to manufacture a variable-speed air compressor then the given steps will be beneficial for your work.

Shape the Compressor

The most initial and crucial step of manufacturing a variable-speed air compressor is its cutting and shaping. In this procedure, the cutting of a metal sheet is done by using a special tool named a laser. You can choose the shape of a metal sheet for the compressor as you desire by using a high-precision laser cutting machine.

Forming Of Compressor

Once you have shaped the metal sheet then it’s time to form. The metal sheet is required to shape in the desired structure and this bending of the metal sheet is done by using an advanced bending machine. During this process, it is made sure that the dimensions of metal sheets must be according to the need of a variable speed screw compressor.

Painting of Compressor

Now we are going to discuss the most important step of manufacturing available speed air compressors. Painting the metal sheet is important once it has been cut perfectly and bent into a correct shape.

A high-quality paint is used for painting of metal sheet and then it is set free in the air to be dried completely. It is important to make sure that the paint is tried perfectly and in this way it will give a very flawless finish to the air compressor.

Assemble the Components

Once you have made sure that the beans have dried perfectly then it’s time to assemble the components. The components are assembled accurately in this process and these components include the oil, gas operator, motor, and variable frequency drive.

If this assembly is done accurately then it means that all the components are fixed in the variable-speed air compressor perfectly.

Full Assembling

This is not the end but after assembling of components, the full assembling is done. This procedure is done to complete the functionality of the compressor and to make sure that it will run perfectly. All the assembled components are made to integrate into the compressor. Moreover, it is checked whether all the parts are functioning together or not.

Check Quality

Then you have to do quality control which means you have to make sure that all the components in the compressor are of the best quality. The entire performance of the compressor will be tested before it is shipped.


The packing is the most important step as there is a great chance that it will get damaged while shopping in a far area. Hence, special care is given to its packaging so that the customer will get a perfect air compressor without any scratches.

Shipping of Compressor

At last, the compressor is shipped to the particular location. A tracking system is installed so that the location of the compressor can be checked.

Wrapping Up

Variable-speed air compressors are nowadays in great demand and new chances are brought in them for better performance. Now, it has become possible to manufacture your desired air compressor in an industry but a complete guideline is important in this procedure.



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