Picking the Right Hand Board: A Simple Guide

So, you’re all about that hand board life, huh? Cool! But how do you score the perfect one for you?

Choosing Guide

No worries; I got you covered. Let’s break it down.

Size and shape

First up, size matters, at least for your hand board. The bigger ones give you more balance, while the smaller dudes offer killer control.

Deck Material

Your deck’s got to be tough, right? Wood, plastic, or composite—that’s the question. Wood is classic, plastic is rugged, and composite is a mix of both. Your fingers, your choice.

Grip It Good

Grip tape is your finger’s BFF. Make sure it’s not flaking off, and it’s got your back with some mad grip action.

Truck It Right

Trucks are where the magic happens. They steer your ride. Find that sweet spot between maneuverability and stability. Some adjustable ones can give you fine-tuned control.

Rolling with Wheels

Wheels, man, come in different sizes and hardness levels. The smaller ones give you that sturdiness, while the bigger dudes roll smoothly. Pick what suits your style.

The Bearings Buzz

Bearings keep your ride smooth. Look for those slick, well-lubed bearings to keep your fingers on point.

Graphic Goodness

Let’s be real—looks matter. Choose a hand board with a design that screams at you. You’ll be spending quality time with it, after all.

Budget Bliss

Set a budget and stick to it. You can find a cool hand board in any price range. Just remember, more cash might get you more quality.

Brand Swagger

Brands have street cred. Check out reviews and see what the fingerboarding community says about them. A solid brand equals solid gear.

Skill Level

If you’re starting out, you don’t need the fanciest hand board. Keep it basic, bro. Upgrade as you level up your finger-flippin’ skills.

Deck Concave

The shape of the deck matters. Try different ones to see which feels right in your hand. It’s all about comfort and nailing those sick tricks.

Custom Vibes

Some brands let you pimp your ride. Customize your hand board with the components and designs that scream “you.”

Get some tips

Connect with other fingerboard fanatics online or at your local skate park. They’ve got the inside scoop on what works and what’s lit.


To wrap it up, finding the perfect hand board is a personal mission. It’s got to match your style, your skills, and your budget. Take your time to explore your options, read up on reviews, and maybe even chat with some fingerboard pros.

Your hand board journey is all about finding that one piece of wood or plastic that becomes an extension of you, helping you ride the miniature skateboarding wave like a boss. Now go out there and shred it! ��



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